What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning generally refers to the way you prepare and organise to cook a meal. This can be any of the three major meals i.e breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack for a picnic. It also includes any planning you do before you go shopping for groceries. Meal Planning is, at its most basic level, a highly personalized activity. How i would do it is not how the next person would do it. This is largely because our routines and preferences are different. There are those who plan and entire month in advance and there are those who just wing it. Personally, planning a month in advance is too much, especially when i imagine the kind of time needed for such preparation, phew!!! On the other hand, winging it and shopping for what i need everyday is tiresome and eventually costly. The desired eventuality of any meal planning process is to find a system that is not only effective but fun too.

I have observed that there is an increasing number of people reading cookbooks, buying ebooks, downloading recipes from blogs and so on. This is a very good indicator that people are actually taking time to anticipate their cooking. This behavior, in and off itself, is a very crucial part of meal planning. Food is not just a solution to the problem of having to eat; preparing a meal is an expression of creativity. You must continually look for ways to motivate and inspire yourself to look forward to cooking. It is that inner fire that brings this journey to life.

The second thing i have picked up on is that people choose to do what works for them. Indeed there is no right way to organize you meals so the best thing to do is to pick or create a system that works for you. If you look through the internet you will find a gazillion articles on how to collect and compile recipes. You may not need to take too much time trying to identify the most perfect way to keep your recipes. Any system that helps you keep your recipes in one place serves only as a tool.

The idea here is to help you get organised and thinking ahead as well as to inspire you to dream up meals you would love to eat.