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Watermelon Wonder

Watermelon is more than just delicious…it’s a super healthy addition to your diet! Why? Well, while most people might regard the watermelon as a remotely bland fruit, it is actually a vegetable too! Watermelon is related to the cucumber and the pumpkin, is a seed producing plant and its rind is entirely edible.

Watermelon wow

While most people eat only the pink/red part of the water melon, the rind actually contains health promoting properties such as blood builders and amino acids which are important for maintaining your immune system. These amino acids also protect against muscle pain/soreness, so a tall glass of watermelon juice prior to your workout will reduce any fatigue that might be otherwise anticipated.

Then there are the seeds which, like pumpkin seeds, are edible too. The preferred variety are the seeds from the black or dark watermelons. They contain iron, zinc, protein and fiber.

1 Lemon
4 cups of watermelon chunks
2 tablespoons honey

Let’s Blend!

Place the watermelon chunks in the blender and blend. Have the chunks with a good portion of the rind as well. Include the seeds too. When you have the watermelon down to a slush, add the lemon juice, half a cup of water and honey and pulse a few more times. The reason we add some water is because we will need to strain and we don’t want it to be too heavy.


Pour the mixture over a strainer and strain the juice through. You now have a cool, refreshing healthy drink! As for the seeds left on the strainer, dry them out before eating. You may also roast them lightly, as you would groundnuts, and place them in a little bowl on your coffee table.

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