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Beetroot Infused Pancakes

I must admit, this was my first time to have a go at tini, swahili for beetroot. As a young girl, i would occasionally find it oddly perched on the lower tiers of the refrigerator. Only now do i appreciate its healthy nutritional value. This ruby red delectable pancake is a must try for any curious palate.

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Fried Nduma in Wheat Flakes

Nduma wheat

I like nduma. A lot. Boiled, fried, stewed…love it! Not so much for my munchkin. She calls it ‘baby’ food. I know…ridiculous! So today I am staring three arrow roots down in my kitchen…thinking “How to ‘munchkinfy’” nduma…then it hit me! Continue reading Fried Nduma in Wheat Flakes

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Cold Bursting Herb Tea

Its flu season again and we anticipate a lot of sniffles, scratchy throats and the odd irritating cough. Obviously, the best way to avoid getting sick is to stay warm, always wash your hands or get a flu shot. Now, because we don’t want to be continually medicated, we try to nip this in the bud!

This spicy ginger tea will soothe and warm you from the inside out, and reduce the duration in which you might be feeling under the weather. And that’s what we are rooting for.

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Yellow Bean Curry with Garam Masala Recipe

Garam masala beans

Growing up in Kenya, beans are an almost near staple food. They form an integral part of most of our meals, each one prepared differently from the other. This is one way of preparing a bean curry using Yellow Beans, one of over a dozen varieties of beans available in Kenya. This bean curry recipe is simple and easy to prepare. The garam masala gives it a nice spicy kick making it suitable to accompany many meals as a side dish.
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