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Spicy Sausage Pizza

Homemade sausage pizza

This spicy sausage pizza is topped up with olives, bell peppers, spicy sausage, carrot, onions and the awesome goodness of cheese. The flavors and textures of this pizza are amazing. You have the tang of the tomato, the spicy sausage, the zest of the onion, the soft crust, the slightly briny olives and the melted cheese. Great news! The versatility of making pizza means that you can add or omit any ingredients you want. Your pizza, your choice 🙂

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How to Make Quick Simple Pizza Dough

For most people, the trickiest part about making pizza is getting the dough right. This recipe for making your own pizza dough at home will make you wonder what took you so long! It is the simplest, quickest thing to do. And once you have done it, you will not want to buy another pizza again! You will be making your own spicy sausage pizza in your kitchen in no time… Continue reading How to Make Quick Simple Pizza Dough