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Orange Mango Strawberry Smoothie Surprise

I feel giddy inside. After undergoing surgery earlier this month, i have finally walked into the kitchen. Yaaaay!!! There is an abandon of fruits. So i got about whipping up a beautiful mango strawberry smoothie.

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Fluffy Fried Sweet Potato Balls Recipe

Sweet potato balls

Its always good when you can create yummy treats that are also super healthy. Today I made bite sized sweet potato balls using cassava flour. Yes, so now that i have piqued your curiosity for this recipe, let’s go ahead and make some!

These sweet potato balls are perfect for snacks, the picnic basket and an awesome kiddie treat. They are also healthy, nutritious and delicious. Definitely, an awesome fun way of enjoying regular sweet potatoes.

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Beetroot Infused Pancakes

I must admit, this was my first time to have a go at tini, swahili for beetroot. As a young girl, i would occasionally find it oddly perched on the lower tiers of the refrigerator. Only now do i appreciate its healthy nutritional value. This ruby red delectable pancake is a must try for any curious palate.

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Green Salad

After any good weekend, you are probably looking to detox. Nyama choma (Barbeque), your favorite tipple, maybe a road trip and not enough sleep…your body is probably in need of some help to get back in balance, right?

One of the ways to do this is to reduce on heavy eating at least for a day, giving your body time to work through everything that is still in your system.

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