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Succulent Coloured Burgers

As we wind down on Burger Week 2019, I would like to highlight what I consider the most exciting theme this year, Sarovas’ scrumptious Coloured Burgers. Many restaurants go out of their way to entice and excite their customers with new burger recipes and variations to tantalize their taste buds. And this is a lot of fun! But to combine the senses of both taste and sight, now that’s BANG ON! And then slap on a Buy One Get One Free Offer!*

Coloured Burgers

Speaking to Sam, the Chef behind the Burger Week menu at the Flame Tree Restaurant, Sarova Panafric Hotel, I was able to get insight on his inspiration. He spoke most excitedly about the  Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger and how he infuses a kick (read jerk) using habanero peppers. He infuses other Jamaican spices and mango chutney to create this spicy delight.

Yellow Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger

Yellow jamaican jerk chicken burger

Blue Shrimp Chipotle Burger

The burger that I was quickly curious about was the Shrimp Chipotle Burger. The patty was a perfect medium well done and the flavours well balanced. Doused with a dollop of chipotle (smoked pepper) cream and usually accompanied with avocado slices. We shall revisit the avocado bit.

Blue shrimp chipotle burger

Green Sweet Grittie Burger

Vegetarians, this ones for you! Green sweet grittie burger. This wholesome burger includes grilled sweet potatoes and aubergine and Halloumi cheese. Do not underestimate the ‘filling’ ability of the sweet potato here folks. It might surprise you. The cheese, however, is optional and they request each patron on their preference. This burger comes with caramelized onions and garlic mayonnaise.

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Green sweet grittie burger

Red Flame Steak Frites Burger

Not to be missed is the red flame steak frites. It literally just screams out TRY ME!! Well, I did.

Generally, this is a steak burger and frites (fries in French). At this point I have to belabor that all the patties were medium well done and rolled down quite well. Between the bread rolls, premium grilled steak, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. I topped up my red flame steak with the tangy basil sauce that accompanied all the burgers.

red flame steak frites burger

Kofta Burger

Last but definitely not least was the pleasant surprise of the day, the Kofta burger. Made with a lamb patty sandwiched between pita bread. The pita bread is fluffy and the lamb patty succulent. Served with a chilli sauce and masala fries.

Kofta burger

What has your experience been for Burger week this year?

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* Second cheaper burger free.

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