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How to Prepare Liver for Cooking

Liver with onion and sage

I have learnt that how you prepare liver before cooking it greatly affects how it turns out. Prepare it with or without the membrane…and there is a world of difference. Given, it can be time consuming if you are in a rush but it is such a lovely rich ingredient, it deserves some TLC 🙂

The best time to get liver or kidney (i love) from your butcher is in the morning. This is because that is when they receive fresh meat from the slaughter house. Sidebar: I have handled liver before but this one was sooo bloody, you would imagine that the dead cow was in the garden!

Many people wonder if liver is red meat or white meat. Well, liver is neither red meat nor is it white meat. It is classified as offal meat. Offal meat refers to organ meat or entrails. These include tripe (matumbo), kidneys and heart. So, on to preparing our liver…

Beef liver

First, removing the membrane makes the liver softer and removes that slightly rubbery feel/texture. Secondly, it exposes the liver so  that it is then able to absorb any and all flavors you choose to infuse into it. Ever notice how liver changes shape when you cook it with the membrane on? That is because the membrane stops the liver from stretching and absorbing fluids and flavors. If you remove the membrane and chop you liver in cubes, it will retain that form. And be full of all the deliciousness you have infused into it.

How to skin liver before cooking.

The next step would be to soak it in milk. You may also soak it in lemon juice or plain water. These fluids should be discarded after soaking. The liver, being a digestive organ ( hehe organ than produces digestive juices 🙂 will have some of these digestive juices as residue. So this helps to clean out these while at the same time improving on the taste of the liver.

Liver soaked in milk

I also de-vein the liver to get rid of that tough part which is not very pleasant to eat. Biting on a tough rubbery piece of sinew in the middle of all the amazing tenderness of the liver will not create a good experience. So i remove white colored veins. Also, before cooking, and to tone down the ‘funk‘ of the liver, I coat it lightly with wheat flour.

Simply put, liver contains more nutrients, ounce for ounce, than any other food.

Liver with onion and sage

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2 thoughts on “How to Prepare Liver for Cooking

  1. Removing that liver membrane is the difficult part otherwise, thanks for the insight.

    1. Hehe, it’s a tad tedious but well worth it in the end

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