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Mint Raspberry Sorbet

This raspberry sorbet is a result of my playing around with the abundance of fruit available this season. And the HEAT!!! Unbearable! I am craving things cold, chilled and frosty.

So when you find yourself with a glut of fruit, sorbets are a frozen fun way to get through and enjoy all your fruit. A sorbet is a simple combination of fresh fruit and sugar. The fresh fruit can either be in pulp/puree or juice form but i recommend pulping/pureeing the fruit for a creamier sorbet.


  1. Raspberry
  2. 1 mint leaf
  3. Sugar


For the sugar, we will make a syrup by simmering water and sugar in equal parts.Once the sugar has dissolved and its consistency has become notably thicker, take of the heat and allow to cool before using.

Place the raspberries in a container and put them in the freezer. Now wait. At least one hour, depending on the temperature your freezer is set to. Or your eagerness to cool off 😀

When your fruit is frozen, place in the blender together with the chopped mint and pulse. When the fruit has broken down add the sugar syrup to taste. Continue blending at high speed until soft and creamy.

You may indulge as it is or return to the freezer to get a firmer texture. Ultimate bliss!

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