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How To Maintain A Healthy Meal Planning Routine

Vegetable basket

So much has been said about planning meals. However, none of that matters if there lacks a system that supports your meal planning routine .

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I must admit, I’m a stickler for routine. In another life (and most definitely another Country), I would probably have joined the military. My daughter has a schedule (stuck on the fridge door), reminding her of what she should do from the moment she gets home from school. It makes my life so stress free!

This is why you need to organise your tasks so that they support your meal planning goals. Then REPEAT.

To this end, here are some highlights to get you started:

Soko Sunday.       

Elect a day to do your weekly shopping. Most places have a market day, so you can choose to synchronize with this for better deals :). Where i live, market day is Thursday but i prefer to go on Sunday. As we discussed at the beginning of the course, you should do what suits you. Meal planning is about making your life easier, not more complicated.

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Savvy Sales

Be on the look out for good deals. Seasonal produce is a good place to start, for example fruits. When they are in abundance, their prices drop. The same with vegetables.


Lingering Left Overs

Inevitably, every once in a while we will end up with left overs. Store them in tightly sealed containers in the fridge and make a point to use them as soon as possible. You can have them included in your next meal, pack it as your lunch the next day or give it a new lease on life by adding new ingredients to it.

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Start a Meal Planning Routine Calendar

Finally, start a meal calendar. Schedule your meals ahead of time. Think of it much like a puzzle. The pieces should fit together. Don’t cluster meals together that require ingredients that are very different because this will leave you with idle ingredients that if not used soon, will end up as wastage. To aide you in this, recall theme nights? Well, you can extend the same to incorporate a themed week!

However you decide to create the calendar for your meal planning routine, it is good to have a printed copy in plain view somewhere in your kitchen, like on the fridge. Having it in plain view keeps you accountable plus you will no longer have to keep answering the question, “What’s for Dinner?”

Soy noodles

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So folks, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this meal planning routine article.  If you did,tell a friend about it, and let me know in the comments if you require further assistance getting your meal prep done 🙂


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