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6 Ways to Find Your Meal Planning Inspiration

We have all been there, well, I have anyway. You know whats for dinner but you are in the mood for something different. Or it could be that you are bored of eating the same food often. This is where the need for some deliberate effort comes in. Finding meal planning inspiration requires consistent curiosity. Choose a time in your schedule when your not too busy or too exhausted to do this. I like Saturdays for this because of how my routine is set up.

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Look For Recipes

Block out some time in your week to search for recipes. Browse blogs and websites. Buy cook books and ebooks. You will then compile all your favorite recipes in your own Recipe Book. When you look at the list you created from A Guide on How to Start Meal Planning you will find that there are some meals that pop up recurrently. They are probably your favorite or are quick and easy to make. If you can add one new recipe to your rotation, you will find that, with time, your list grows and changes for the better.

Inspire meal plan

Create Your Recipe Book

You have identified recipes that you love and that you want to try. Compile them in one place so that they are readily available to you anytime you need. One way of doing this is by downloading recipes and keeping them in one place. It allows you to browse and collect all the recipes you like in one place and is visually appealing too.


Ask your family members what they like to eat. Search for recipes of what they like and make an effort to include this in your weekly meal rotation. This should serve as a super channel of inspiration, knowing that you are preparing this desired meal for someone you love.

Chicken roll


Keep a Journal

It is not enough to have a Recipe Book that is most probably going to include only other peoples cooking. Create a journal for yourself and the awesome meals you are continually preparing. This could be a meal you created last week, last month or even 6 months ago! Go ahead and celebrate yourself too 🙂 You can use Google Docs for this purpose.

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Involve the Kids

There are times, and I kid you not (pun intended), when your children are more efficient than Google calendar! If you promised chapati on Wednesday night,and that is their favorite, they will remind you even on Wednesday morning! You can also involve them in the recipe hunt. They can look through blogs and websites with you and tell you what they would like to eat. Let your kids inspire you to make awesome food 🙂

Avo egg sandwich


Recruit a Friend

We have all heard that sharing is caring, right? Include a friend, family member or even a neighbour in your meal planning journey. Not only will they provide a support system, but they will also keep you on your toes, making sure that you keep you planning efforts going. If possible, you can chose to go shopping together or exchange frozen meals e.g samosas, spring rolls, pizza e.t.c .


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