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Make Perfectly Steamed White Rice

It is assumed that steamed white rice is the easiest thing to cook and yet I think it is also the easiest thing to get wrong. After a gazillion fails, I think I finally nailed it. This is how…

So my brother pays us a surprise visit early one evening. He’s in town for a work meeting. He arrived just as I was about to start preparing dinner. So I got right to it.

A while later, after I had served up some steamed white rice,  he asked me if I had a rice cooker. I smiled and told him no. Between  mouthfuls, he told me the rice was really well done. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get…? Haven’t forgotten the compliment.


1 cup basmati rice

Salt ( to taste )

2.5 cups of water (does this count as an  ingredient 😆)

Let’s Cook!

Okay, pour the rice in a bowl and wash. Simple right? Well, hold on. Rub the rice between the palms of your hands as you wash to remove starch from the rice (that whitish colour). Pour out the water and repeat upto 3 times until the water is only lightly tinged white.

Now, using a heavy saucepan, put the water to boil. Add a pinch of salt to the water. I don’t know the science behind this but I always feel like the salt makes the water come to a boil faster ☺. I digress.

When the water boils, pour in the rice and cover the saucepan. Lower the heat and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes.

When the time is up, remove the lid and allow to cook for another 5 minutes. This allows any moisture left at the bottom of the pan to evaporate.

Switch off the cooker and cover the saucepan again. Leave to stand until you are ready to serve. The rice will be nice and the grains well separated. All without adding any oil to the rice! 😉

Steamed white rice is enjoyed with chicken, beef or goat, or vegetable stews.

Go ahead, give it a try and let me know, was it a hit or a miss?


Steamed white rice.



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