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My name is Kaari Magara, a mom, wife, and food lover. I studied Business at USIU and worked in the financial sector before going into business and eventually following my passion and enthusiasm with all things food.

Kaari, The Girl.

Growing up as an only girl, I found myself in the kitchen a lot more often than I would have liked. I was your quintessential ‘tom boy’. As I got into my teenage years, my brothers and I would visit an auntie of mine over the holidays and she was an awesome cook!


It is here that I began learning that your ordinary ‘githeri’ can actually taste interesting! Cook books and recipes are not fairy tales about people that live on the other side of the rainbow. It could be done! Whatever ingredients they used ‘over there’ could be substituted by ingredients that we had around us, here in Kenya. At that young age, I was spellbound by these endless possibilities.

Kaari The Blogger.

It is this enchantment that I carry with me. I want to share every rainbow trip I make with you, because no trip will be the same. We shall create, try new, and experiment with different recipes and cuisines. In the same vein, we shall breathe new life to our classic Kenyan dishes. Curiously, I am especially intrigued by Asian cuisine and when I cook, this is one of the places I find inspiration.

Since launching the website in 2016, we have been nominated for the Best New Blog by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (B.A.K.E) 2017 as well as New Blogger of the Year by Social Media Awards (S.O.M.A) 2017.

For opportunities to work with me, kindly contact me on info@kaaris-kitchen.com for a media kit and rate card.

Thank you for choosing to come into my kitchen. Brace yourself for an unique, fabulous experience!

Let’s start you off with our fave Kaari recipe right here.

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