Deep Fried Tilapia with Rosemary and Jalapenos

Deep fried fish

If you are looking for readily available fish to prepare, it is most probably going to be tilapia. In Kenya, generally. A lot of the fish you will find at the local market will be deep fried tilapia. One may choose to eat it as it is or take it home and season it further. And because I love flavor, I made this delicious deep fried tilapia recipe with rosemary and jalapenos.

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Rosemary Chilli Skillet Potatoes

We have just come out of the first school holidays of the year and if your kitchen is like mine, we have gone through almost ninety kilos of potatoes! I always have to come up with new and exciting ways to cook potatoes and this rosemary chilli skillet potatoes recipe is one of them.

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