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Delicious Delight Pizza Treat

Vegetable pizza dd

A few weeks ago, I did a review on one of the newest restaurants in Eldoret. It has a menu that encompasses a variety of cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Mexican and their latest inclusion, a delicious Pizza treat! Check out that review here.

In my recent visit, I indulged in their delicious pizza menu. Their offerings are as variant  as my taste buds can allow.

But allow me to digress briefly. Their WiFi speed is to swoon for 😍. It’s no wonder then, that laptops were engaged at other tables too 😉. And no, let’s not chime in with the table manners mambo jambo. Not today 😀

Let me take you through my tantalizing afternoon experience.



This was the first pizza i sunk my teeth into. Not because it was the closest to me but because it seemed to me, to be the beef option. Fail, LOL! It was rich and simply sublime! And the basil! Primo yummyness!

Vegetable pizza dd


BBQ Steak

Then I moved over to this beauty. Yup! Definitely beef this time haha! See the sweet corn? That’s what threw me off initially 🙂 Straight of the bat, I was hit by how sweet this pizza was! Which brings me to a confession. I have always known pizza to be largely savory. Yes, even with pineapple topping (which I like, by the way). This right here, this was a first for me. So much so, that I had to have a word with the Chef, just to find out “What gives?”. Apparently, the secret is in the sauce! If you are wondering about the sweet corn, they were so tender, I almost didn’t notice them. I must say though, they are aesthetically interesting on a pizza.

delicious delight pizza

 Chicken Periperi

And then there was THIS! Now, because I do appreciate some heat, I approached this pizza last. And boy, does it pack a punch! After having a slice, I slipped over for another taste of the veggie option just to sizzle down! If you like it HOT, this is definitely up your alley. Or you can do what I did. Gingerly pick out the chillies that you can see and enjoy the incredibly tender and tasty chicken in periperi .

Spicy pizza dd

One thing can be said, indubitably, about all three treats. They are completely, totally bursting powerhouses of flavor! Another point worth noting is that these are soft crust pizzas, because the dough is made with egg. So if you have allergies or dietary restrictions, be sure to inform the Chef in advance. Prices range from Ksh. 750 to Ksh. 1150 for medium to large size pizza.

Awesome food for an awesome afternoon! But don’t take my word for it, get over to Delicious Delight along Oloo Street and satiate yourself with this delectable treats!

In the meantime, allow me…

Did you enjoy this pizza treat?

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