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Delicious Delight Restaurant-The Review

Fish Sizzling

Nestled in the center of Eldoret town is a vibrant new restaurant Delicious Delight. Boasting an eclectic mix of Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Asian fusion cuisine, this eatery is indeed a gem.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of having lunch with the @eldoretleo team. A vibrant trio with their right index finger on the pulse of Eldoret. It was a productive, fun afternoon that went on way past afternoon tea time; fortunately we were sufficiently satiated and didn’t notice the time fly.

Parking is available immediately outside the building. As I approached the buildings’ entrance,  I was met by a uniformed gentleman who greeted me, asked if I was visiting the Delicious Delight and proceeded to escort me to the restaurant.

The ambiance is warm with deep pink and beige tones that allow the mahogany upholstered banquettes to bounce off boldly. Shaded overhead light provides soft lighting for the restaurant. The minimalist decor allows for the simplistic beauty of the food to shine.

We were seated at a table of our choice and promptly handed the menu. It was one hour before the lunch rush hour so they were not crowded yet. As I perused through the menu I noticed the activity going on around the restaurant. Since this was formally a supermarket, there were some renovations going on. But the diversity of the menu promptly grabbed by attention again.

Delicious Delight offers eclectic and fresh dishes. If you are indecisive on what food to order off the menu, allow the chef to come over and guide you or suggest a suitable option for you. We were spoilt for choice when presented with the menu.

Finally, we settled for Schezuan Chicken, Beef Mushroom and Fish Sizzling. These tantalizing dishes were accompanied by Mixed Vegetable Rice, Roast Potatoes, Sweet and Sour Rice, Chapatis, Egg Rice and Mixed Vegetables. I sampled them all. Ahem!

Delicious Delights Eldoret

The Schezuan chicken was spicy though not as much as it looks in the pics. There was a hint of sweetness to the sauce, and the combination was just divine on the taste buds.

Szechuan Chicken


The Beef Mushroom was rich and creamy with nuances of black pepper.

The fish sizzling was…let me put it this way. If this meal was an abstract painting, the fish sizzling would be the bright orange spot on the left hand corner that your eyes just keep getting pulled towards. Sublime.

Fish Sizzling


The rice dishes were just as delicious each with their own unique color, taste and flavor. The cauliflower vegetable dish was delightful, with the vegetables retaining a refreshing mild crunch. The potatoes were fork ready with a crispy tasty coating. The chapatis were cooked with carrot and coriander. I’m not the greatest fan of chapatis so I breezed past. They were nice.

The service was impeccable, with the waiter paying keen detail to our orders. The service team are pleasant and neat in their black and white branded uniforms.

All the dishes are strictly By Order, which I appreciated because it is a good indication to the freshness of the food. You can also call to make reservations. If you require to have any of their delectable dishes delivered to you, they will accommodate your request. A meal will set you back Ksh.500 on average.

Tempted as I may be to keep Delicious Delights to myself, there is no doubt in my mind that it is going to create a buzz in the town.

To get in touch with Delicious Delight Restaurant, call 0790571114. They are open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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