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Cinnamon Crepes with Caramelized Oranges

This cold season, I have been trying to get as much vitamin C as I can. For me and my little munchkin. This week began with a scratchy throat and yes, eventually, I got the sniffles. So when making my crepes (thin pancakes), I reached out for oranges and decided to add them to my plate. It is common knowledge that vitamin C is a very important part of breakfast as it gives the liver a robust wake-up call, flushing it out and preparing it for the days work. In order to reduce the sharp citrus taste of the oranges, I opted to caramelize them. 

For the Crepes:
–          2 cups of wheat flour
–          1 egg
–          2 table spoons of sugar
–          1 cup of warm water
–          ½ a cup of milk
–          1 pinch of cinnamon powder

For the caramelized oranges:
–          2 oranges
–          1 cup of water
–          ½ of sugar

Let’s Cook!
In a bowl, pour the flour, warm water, milk, egg and cinnamon. Add sugar and mix until smooth. Heat your frying pan and pour the mix into the pan. Using a table spoon, spread the mixture outward from the center in a circular motion. Once the mixture is spread out thin and evenly, add a little vegetable oil and cook for 30-45 seconds. Flip the crepe over and repeat. Remove the crepe once ready and continue to make more.
For the caramelized oranges, peel and dice the oranges and put them in a small sauce pan. Add the water and sugar then stir and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Continue stirring occasionally. When done pour into a serving pot. The orange juice, or reduction, can also be used as a syrup with the delicious crepes. Serve the crepes with the oranges on the side and you have a healthy, tangy breakfast to start your day! Crepes may also be used as a desert option and we shall explore that option as well.

Did you enjoy this recipe? You may also check out this video  for a yummy variation of making pancakes.

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