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Chicken Brawn Sandwich

In a hurry? Packing a snack for a road trip? Or perhaps just a light lunch, we all find ourselves in that situation where we are in a hurry and need something to go. There are also times when we get home and are so famished, we need to have a bite before getting into the grind of preparing dinner.
This is why, when you go shopping, you should always stock up on items that are ‘ready to eat’. Depending on your dietary preferences, or those of your family members, these could include sandwich ham and brawn (chicken, beef, pork or otherwise), sandwich cheese, lettuce, salami, cucumbers etc. So for this easy to put together snack, you only need:

·         Brown or White Bread
·         Lettuce
·         1 Tomatoe
·         Chicken Brawn
·         Mustard

Easy, right? So let’s stack!

Butter one slice of bread (low fat preferable) then place lettuce on it. Dribble mustard sauce on top of the lettuce as this will prevent the bread from getting soggy. Take one slice of chicken brawn over the lettuce and top up with slices of tomatoe. Place the other slice of bread over the sandwich and your good to go! How would you put together your preferable sandwich?

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