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Chandarana Foodplus Eldoret

I woke up to a warm sunny morning. Today was the long awaited day that I would visit Chandarana Foodplus Eldoret. Yes, they were finally opening their doors! I was giddy with excitement! But first things first.

I hastily whipped up some moreish pancakes and washed them down with Golden Milk/Turmeric Tea. Delish!

Once I was ready, rushed to the hospital. Long story that involves a rogue canine. Sigh!

Next I went to the other end of town, to the market to find mint and or basil. Nada. None of the supermarkets had it either. Bummer!

Now because Rupa Mall is actually on my way home, I had saved it for last. And yes, the amount of discipline it took to pass by Foodplus is worth noting.

So I finally headed over to the mall. I asked the guard at the entrance where I can find Chandarana Foodplus and he directed me up a flight of stairs to the first floor. I  was slightly disappointed. Where are the escalators? Fortunately, an insightful second guard suggested that perhaps I might want to use the escalators. Glee! (In my head thinking, ‘Hope I catch a laugh!’ – epic fail!).


So I am shortly at the gates of my perceived heaven. I hear angelic chimes. In my head off course. The welcome was warm and vibrant. I was directed to the Customer Care desk to drop off something that I was carrying…don’t recall what at this point. Whilst doing away with unnecessary things, I was requested to fill out a form for a loyalty card. What! Offcourse I do!

Next, I made a bee line for the food section. Focus. Mint. Offcourse they had it! Yaaaas!




Now say cheese! I finally came close up to Sirimon cheeses😆.



Their selection was so large, I was honestly inundated!



To the left, I found the butchery. I have struggled so long to get local butchers to get me specific cuts of meat, I had given up. Now I was sorted.



I then proceeded to saunter around aimlessly.



And then it was time to leave. I had come. I had seen. I was vanquished.

Thank you Foodplus for coming and flipping the shopping scene in Eldoret. If you haven’t been to Chandarana Foodplus Eldoret , you should. The ultimate shopping experience and a food lovers haven.


4 thoughts on “Chandarana Foodplus Eldoret

  1. Take me next time

  2. Nice read…enticed..will now start visiting food plus…

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