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How to Prepare Liver for Cooking

Liver with onion and sage

I have learnt that how you prepare liver before cooking it greatly affects how it turns out. Prepare it with or without the membrane…and there is a world of difference. Given, it can be time consuming if you are in a rush but it is such a lovely rich ingredient, it deserves some TLC 🙂

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What is Meal Planning?

Meal Planning is, at its most basic level, a highly personalized activity. How i would do it is not how the next person would do it. This is largely because our routines and preferences are different. There are those who plan an entire month in advance and there are those who just wing it.

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5 Basic Kitchen Tips You Should Know!

basic kitchen tips

Have you ever wondered why every time you try out a new recipe, you always end up spending more time than the actual preparation time? This is because, the more time you spend in the kitchen, the more efficient you become at carrying out tasks. Here are basic  kitchen tips to help you around the kitchen…

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