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Crispy Spicy Cassava Onion Bhajias

This is an absolutely delectable onion bhajias recipe. For the flour, I used cassava flour in the place of the more typically used cow pea flour. Consequently, the coating was very light on the potatoes, allowing the onion flavor to burst through.

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Cheesy Tamarind (Ukwaju) Hasselback Potatoes

I am smitten with potatoes. Scratch that. I am obsessed. This cheesy tamarind hasselback potatoes recipe is the culmination of delectable bliss for me.  Pair potatoes and cheese and you have me by the short hairs! And because I love tinkering with my taste buds, I added mildly spicy tamarind (ukwaju) sauce! Hmm! Lip smacking! Continue reading Cheesy Tamarind (Ukwaju) Hasselback Potatoes

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Njahi with Coconut Cream

njahi soup

The powerhouse of nutrients among the bean family is the Black Bean. Also known as the black turtle bean or njahi. This njahi soup recipe is sweet and creamy with a fabulous twist created from frying it in clarified butter. Ask any new mother about njahi and you will receive a nod of approval and a positive story riding that nod. Now because I know how nutritious it is, I try to buy it once a month. Yes just once.

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Spicy Sausage Pizza

Homemade sausage pizza

This spicy sausage pizza is topped up with olives, bell peppers, spicy sausage, carrot, onions and the awesome goodness of cheese. The flavors and textures of this pizza are amazing. You have the tang of the tomato, the spicy sausage, the zest of the onion, the soft crust, the slightly briny olives and the melted cheese. Great news! The versatility of making pizza means that you can add or omit any ingredients you want. Your pizza, your choice 🙂

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Saucy Teriyaki Meatballs with Grilled Pineapple

Teriyaki meatballs with grilled pineapple

Meatballs are a favourite in my home, and more so teriyaki meatballs. School holidays present a unique challenge every time they come around. The children are growing and so are their appetites and their dietary needs. The raids on the pantry and the fridge become common place…I’m still searching for a packet of cashew nuts that i had planned to use on a recipe. Well, I’ll just have to ‘jipanga’ with that, i guess.

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Pan Seared Garlic Lemon Omena (Dagaa)

Garlic Lemon Omena

I introduced omena to my munchkin sometime last year. She already knows how to eat fish, quite well, i might add. So she comes home from school that day when i elected to cook omena, and comes into the kitchen with a befuddled look on her face. And a slightly pinched nose hahaha! Given, omena is an acquired taste and all 🙂

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