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Amazing Ugali Noodles & Sukuma Wiki Noodies-The Review

Psst! Over here! I kid you not, I was stumped when I heard those words. I literally stopped dead in my tracks. I made him repeat the words to me. Three times. Ugali Noodles & Sukuma Wiki Noodies? I decided he wasn’t sure about what he was referring to and allowed the conversation to proceed. And end.

I couldn’t get the conversation out of my head, wondering if I had heard wrong. I knew the brand and my girls and I love it. I especially love the seasoning and have made no secret of this. Doubt makes people do crazy things. I paid Uncle Google and all possible brand channels a visit. No such thing.

And then this!

Ugali noodles pack

Needless to say, the pot was on the stove quick, fast and in a hurry!

My first impression was that the noodles had a different texture. Slightly courser. But only ever so slightly. I attributed this to the maize flour. The noodles look vibrant largely because of the vegetables included. These (and there are no others-in Kenya or Africa- but just for emphasis) ugali noodles & sukuma wiki Noodies come with a seasoning powder that includes dehydrated carrots, dehydrated sukuma wiki, dehydrated onion and dehydrated cabbage.

Ugali Sukuma noodies

I revelled in the random crunch of the carrots but must admit that I noted a slight bland note in the noodles themselves. They are a combination of maize flour, soybean flour and wheat flour. Consider, if you will, munching on a nugget of plain ugali. That is the experience that will be triggered on your taste buds. And rightfully so.

That being said, it would be remiss for me not to mention that pasta generally doesn’t have much flavor but is all about texture. And these ugali noodles have it.

Ugali noodies

The seasoning that comes with this unique Noodies is by far my favourite now. Rich in flavor (like the others) but better still because of the infusion of dehydrated vegetables. I will definitely try this seasoning on other Noodie flavors.

My curiosity satiated, I am well pleased. This is not your regular pasta, but it hits all the right notes. Ugali being one of our staple dishes, I am confident that it will be well liked. Stir fried with any of the accompaniments that usually ride shotgun with ugali, this ugali noodles & sukuma wiki noodies will delight you.

But don’t take my word for it…..

At the moment, they are Limited Edition and retail for Ksh. 40/= per 120g. They contain;

  • No MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).
  • No trans fat & cholesterol.
  • Calcium & vitamin A
  • Dietary fibre, Iron & Zinc

End Note 

Enjoy these ugali noodles stir fried or just boiled as per the instructions on the pack. If you like, you can save and store the seasoned water and use the same to infuse flavor to other dishes you make. Yup, that’s how good it is!

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